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Water Damage Recovery

Quick Recovery on Water Damage

Have you ever dropped your phone accidently in the sink while washing dishes or worse, in a toilet or a swimming pool? Though this means that you may have to replace it and get a new one but there are chances that you can save your phone if you have the proper knowledge and know-how of the entire phenomena behind this.

For this first you need to understand the logic behind the effect of water on the phone and how it damages the phone from the inside. The most obvious cause of water damage is water corrosion, which is the breakdown of metal by a chemical reaction with the environment. There is no specific time for corrosion to take place; it may take few hours or may take days before showing any sign that a problem has occurred. Thus how rapidly corrosion occurs depends on the levels of humidity, how long the phone has been submerged in water or even how the phone is made.

The water damage can occur on different parts of the phone. The board of all phones is a very complex part and consists of many tiny components. So even one of the components is damaged, it can have adverse effects on other components too and thus the phone may stop functioning at all. The phone screen can also be damaged by water when water traps between the LCD and the backlight. This may happen when you see a big water mark on your screen. Other parts of the phone such as head phone jack and charging port are especially susceptible to water damage and hence need replacing.

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Picture 1: Damage on the Board

picture 2

Picture 2: Damage on the Screen

Water sometimes get trapped between the LCD and the backlight, leaving an ugly water mark on the display as shown in following image

picture 3

There are certain quick steps that you can take to save your phone from the full effect of the water damage.

  1. Take out your phone from the water as fast as you can. Your phone might not get too damaged if you take it out of the water at the right time. Longer immersion in water is extremely harmful for the phone
  2. Don’t press anything to check whether the phone is still working or not.
  3. Remove the battery and other removable parts of the phone like case, sim and memory cards etc immediately and spread them over layers of paper towels so that all excess water is quickly absorbed.
  4. Dry your phone with paper towels making sure that no even a single drop is left inside because even that can easily cause your phone to corrode. Gently dab the towel to absorb the water and do not rub it excessively over the phone. Also avoid shaking your phone or moving it excessively while drying as that may cause water to spread inside.
  5. A good measure after initial drying is to dry the phone using rubbing alcohol which will effectively displace the water.
  6. Do not use a hair dryer to dry the phone even on cold mode. The dryer may push the water further inside the phone reaching electrical components. Though some suggest the use of vacuum cleaner to dry out the phone, it is better if you don’t use this method because it an extremely risky if not used carefully as it can cause static electricity which is worse than water damage.
  7. Furthermore the use of uncooked rice as a drying agent is not that effective method as some claim it to be. Better alternative is to use some other drying agent such as silica gel packs.
  8. If you have employed all the above quick steps correctly it is still recommended that you take your phone to a repair shop for further examination.

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