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Smartphone War – iPhone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy S6

iphone 6 vs galaxy S6

The comparison of iPhone 6 with the Samsung Galaxy S6 has to be the hottest debate in the world of smart phones as of now. With such a close competition, it is only justified for you to be confused while choosing the one. Taking this into consideration, we have compared the prominent features of both the phones thoroughly in order to give you a better idea.

Body Design:-

Samsung galaxy S6 has a promising metal casing to offer as opposed to the ordinary plastic casing which had previously been used with the Galaxy S series of Samsung. With the use of graphene in the design elements, S6 offers an all new curved screen for the first time in a Samsung phone. iPhone 6 on the other hand is the thinnest version ever manufactured by iPhone. With rounder and smoother edges and an aluminum casing that does justice to the Apple logo, the smart phone is an absolutely stunning device.


Samsung Galaxy S6 has a slightly larger screen size to offer. With 5.1” screen, the device offers 4K pixel resolution with QHD panel super amoled screen. iPhone 6 on the other hand doesn’t offer a screen any bigger than 4.7”, however, you could opt for the 6 Plus if you would like to have a 5.5” screen. The technology used in the screen however is totally different to the QHD super amoled screen on Samsung Galaxy S6. In the battlefield of screen, Galaxy S6 has to be the winner without a doubt.

Operating System:-

Although initially there were news of the Galaxy S6 coming out with an all new South Korean operating system Tizen, the phone was finally launched with an upgrade version 5.0 of Android. The iPhone 6 on the other hand has the latest version of iOS 8 to offer. Since both the phones offer the latest versions, it all comes down to your personal preference as to whether the Android is going to be a suitable option for you or the iOS 8.


Samsung Galaxy S6 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 or 810 processor that has a 64 bit architecture to offer. With further support from LPDDR3 memory and Adreno 430 graphics chipset, there isn’t going to be a disappointment in terms of the performance of the phone to say the least. However, Apple certainly isn’t behind in the battlefield. With A8 chip and M8 graphics processor, iPhone 6 is absolutely head on with the competitor.


No wonder Samsung Galaxy S6 has to be your choice if you camera happens to be your primary concern. With a 16 MP camera with image stabilization, the smart phone clearly beats iPhone 6 with its 8MP camera only.


It is indispensable to mention at the end that if price and camera is the primary concern, then Galaxy S6 has to be a priority. However, with iPhone 6, there is an added benefit of holding a phone by a brand that has firmly established itself in the market. With multiple different stores for iPhone fix or iPhone Repairs service in Sydney, you won’t have to face any inconvenience in terms of getting the phone repaired either. No wonder both the devices are absolutely head on, and it’s just the minor differences which determine the one that is going to be more suitable for you.

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