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Professional Mobile Phone Repair and Laptop Repair Sydney

Welcome to RepairsXpress, Feel free to drop off your device for repair and we will provide a professional and speedy repair just for you.

Located in Chatswood and Kareela, RepairsXpress remain confident that we are the best at what we do because of our customer’s continued loyalty. Our professional technicians will be happy to provide free diagnosis of an issue and a free quote of how much parts and labor will be. Our customer’s continued positive feedback and referrals have allowed RepairsXpress to become one of the best mobile phone repairs and computer repairs service companies in Chatswood, Miranda, Kareela, and across Sydney area.

Free Diagnosis
Having issues with your device and not sure the cause? We offer free diagnosing of hardware and software issues!
Free Quote
Know exactly the cost of repairing your device with a free quote from iResQ. No matter the damage we will be able to give you a full quote for the cost of repair, no hidden fees!
3 Month Warranty
A full warranty of parts and labor are included with each repair, giving you peace of mind!
Full Overhaul
While performing your repair we go above and beyond most repair companies and take the time to clean your device, inside and out! Free of charge!

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