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iPhone Screen Repair Tips – How to Fix Cracked iPhone Screen

Many of us have been unfortunate enough to drop our iPhone’s accidently and experiencing a heart breaking moment when a cracked screen is looking back at us. Unless you have an insurance in which case you can get it fixed for free, many people are forced to buy a new iPhone which of course does not come free of cost. However you don’t have to worry as there are ways in which you can fix your iPhone’s cracked screen on your own without having to spend large sum of money to get it fixed from a mobile repair shop.

So, how to get started? Well, first be mentally prepared because this is a very delicate task and any minor carelessness can further damage your iPhone. There are tiny components inside the iPhone which require very gentle handling so if you believe that you can handle the pressure, then read on. Otherwise you might have to spend some more money and get it repaired from a repair shop.

There is a list of things that you will need before you start the repair of your iPhone. They are listed below:
1. iPhone replacement screen and LCD

iphone screen repair sydney

2. A Pentalobe screw driver and a Philip head #00 screw driver

pentalobe screwdriver

3. A Suction Cup

suction cups

4. Case – Opening Tool

case opening tool

Once you are all geared up with the material, it’s time that you start the real work. The steps will guide you towards the right directions.

  1. It is important that you back up all your important data in case your iPhone might need a reset. Either save your data on iCloud or any other storage device.
  2. Turn off your iPhone
  3. With the help of the pentalobe screw driver remove the pentalobe screws that are located at the bottom of your iPhone, on either side of the connecting port.
  4. Use the suction cup to lever open the screen. You might need to slightly moisten the suction cup for better grip on the front panel. Also don’t be afraid to exert a little force while doing this procedure. This way you will easily separate the screen from the device.
  5. Now lift up the screen very carefully working your way from bottom down. Do not detach the screen completely from the device as there are several ribbon cables still attached to it which you will need afterwards.
  6. Remove the front panel assembly cable bracket from the logic board, near the top right of the device. Remove the three Phillip screw at the right side of the device which are holding down a small metal panel.
  7. Now use your plastic opening tool to disconnect the three cables at the front panel; LCD cable, digitizer cable and the one for the front camera. You can now completely remove the front panel from the device.
  8. If you are lucky enough to save your LCD from cracking then you need only to replace your front panel screen. Otherwise you can start reassembling the phone by replacing both the front panel and LCD.
  9. Remove the LCD screen (in case you are planning to re-use to) by removing the six screws attaching LCD to front panel.
  10. Remove the ear-piece speaker with the help of phillip screw driver. Then remove the front camera with the plastic opening tool. Then to move a step closer to the front panel you need to remove the rear microphone. This will require no tool. Last but not the least, remove take out the home button very carefully with the help of Phillip screw driver and plastic opening tool. It is advised that you work your way from right to left while removing the home button otherwise the cable will tear.
  11. Now you have reached the LCD panel. Replace the cracked screen with the new one.
  12. Finally, work your way back while re-assembling

You can now enjoy your good-as-new iPhone. If you are not sure on how to repair the screen on your iPhone, You can try to contact the iPhone Screen Repair store in your area for help.

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