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Five Apps to Help You Shoot Like a Pro

There is no argument over the fact that all high end smart phones are used the most for their brilliant picture capturing capacity. If you happen to be one such individual who are into photography, you must look for applications which enable you to capture the professional clicks. If so, then you have landed on the right page. The below mentioned information is going to help a great deal in this regard. We have taken the liberty of mentioning the top five applications which can serve the purpose for you. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these applications.

Snap Speed:

Snap Speed

While the application may lack a little in terms of features, however, it would be a commendable option if all you are looking for is straightening, selective adjustment, tilt shift, sharpening, image tuning, and center focus. If you are looking for fine filters though, the application won’t be recommended. It is to be kept in mind however, that considering the fact that application is absolutely free of cost and is also available on platforms other than iOS, for instance, Android, it has to be one of the applications which must be installed on your phone.




Camera +:

camera plus

This application is one of its kind when it comes to the traditional or advanced capturing capabilities along with photo bursts. The built in timer ensures that you can capture your pictures with surgeon like steadiness. Camera + has to be the finest option available for the Apple users if removing the blurriness of the picture is all that you are after. It has to be an application that is completely unparalleled when it comes to removing the blurriness. Lastly, the filters available with the applications are also fairly useful. The app is priced at $1 only.






For a single dollar only, Apple users can get Afterlight that has everything that Snap Speed fails to offer. With the fundamental capturing features like Snap Speed which may include and are not confined to sharpen, contrast, vignette, exposure etc., Afterlight has some decent filters to offer as well which are pretty useful to give your clicks a professional look. If you would like to have additional features and filters, you may want to opt for the premium version of the application. The application is absolutely user friendly and saves a lot of your memory space since the pictures are not stored within the application.




Pic Tap Go:


The icons and layouts on the aforementioned application may not be appreciable, however, it is quite useful in terms of the features. For a mere $2, the application has a huge range of filters along with convenience of learning to offer. The sliders enable you to have the control and unlike many applications which offer the sharpen feature, the one on Pic Tap Go actually works as it is supposed to. As soon as you launch the application, you will be required to choose the pictures that you need to edit that saves a lot of your time in importing them.





vsco cam

The VSCO Cam is not only a great application for picture editing but it does also happen to be absolutely free of cost. You may want to spend $5 in order to get the extended pack of filters that is probably going to be all that you need to give your pictures a professional look. It is indispensable to mention here however, that with such a huge range of features at your disposal, it is going to take a bit of your time in order to learn it.




In the light of the information mentioned above, it can almost be taken for granted that if you happen to be an Apple user, there is a huge range of photo applications available at your disposal if you are into photography. With a combination of a few free applications and a few paid one, you’d be able to give your click exactly the look that you intended. With such a huge list of benefits at your disposal, what else could you possibly ask for? Try the applications mentioned above and you won’t have to be disappointed of what they have to offer.

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