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Pricing – Cheap Phone Repairs Service in Sydney


Check out our prices below for a full repair on your device. We offer affordable mobile phone repairs services in the Sydney area including devices from Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, and more! No matter what problems arise on your mobile devices, from insensitive home button to screen replacement.

RepairsXpress is always here for you. Our technicians has many years of experience and hands-on repairing mobile phone. If your device is not listed below, do not be discouraged! We repair many more models not located on pricing tables below! Call us at (02) 9410 1067 to receive a quote on nearly any mobile device repair!

Why Choose Us:

There certainly are a number of benefits associated with choosing RepairsXpress for water damage repair services in Sydney. A few of the prominent benefits are mentioned below:

– Your phone will be fixed and returned to you on 2 – 3 day

– Your phone will be shipped back to you for absolutely no cost

– We ensure that we are providing the best quality repair that you can find in the market

– We do not require you to make an upfront payment for the repair service

– Our customer service is top notch

– We provide 3 months warranty on the water damage repair that we perform

Our Process:

The entire process of repairing the water damage that your iPhone has sustained is quite convenient and efficient provided that you have chosen RepairsXpress. The process can be summed up in the following three steps:

1. Book in via the utilization of the website

2. Posting the phone to the repair store or walking in person

3. Getting the phone repaired, making the payment, and returning with your phone in its pristine condition

Call us now at (02)94101067 to get a free quote or simply contact us through our website