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Category Archive for: ‘phone technology’

Airpods VS Lightning Earpods

The battle of the pods has begun! There are many people on the internet who have taken up social media platforms to voice their opinions and state their allegiance. Who will be the winner? At one end we have the newest edition to Apple earphones the lightning pods that are super transportable and easy to use and on the other hand, we have our air pods which are familiar enough to be convenient. However, despite its benefits, lightening ear pods haven’t received the adoration that Apple hoped...

Three Different Colors Variations on iPhone 7

One of the highly appreciated features of an Apple iPhone has always been its availability in multiple colors which enable the users to get the one that goes with their personality. While Apple started with only two colors, black and white, in its initial models of the smartphones, it has been a few years now that Apple has been introducing at least 3 unique colors in each of its new iPhone, while the iPhone 5c was launched in an incredible range of 5 lively colors. With the rumors of iPhone 7...

Galaxy S7 Outselling the iPhone 6s

  Everyone knows that Apple has been reigning the Smartphone market over the years, reaping profits even when facing declining sales especially in recent years. The startling report from the Kantar World Panel confirms this statistic along with disclosing the fact that sales from Samsung Galaxy S7 have exceeded the sale of iPhone 7 and Samsung have officially de-throned the iPhone from the number 1 spot in the US. Samsung Galaxy S7 now outsells iPhone 6 in the Apple’s traditional...

The End of Headphone Jack Era On iPhone 7

With the news of an all new iPhone 7 hitting the stores in the next few months, the rumors are starting to catch fire on the internet. If you happen to be someone who are interested in knowing the rumors about the all new iPhone 7, then you have landed on the right page. The below mentioned information would rather be amusing for you to say the least. Without further ado, let’s discuss a rumor that has been percolating all over the internet lately and see how you respond to it. Among a...

Error 53: How to Avoid It?

If you have been a user of iPhone for a while now, it is highly likely that you are already familiar with the Error 53 or have heard about it to say the least. The recent surge of error 53 disabling iPhones has made it essential to spread the word about the error and how to avoid it. Taking this into consideration, we have taken the liberty of mentioning everything that you need to know about this notorious error on an Apple device and how to avoid it. What Is Error 53? Error 53 is an...

A Guide to Android Pay

The trend of NFC (near field communication) contactless payment system has been increasing for some time now with more and more stores being compatible with it. The all new free apps for android service that Android has launched, Android Pay. You no longer have to keep your wallet and credit/debit cards with you at all times. Let us walk you through the system in order to give you a better idea of how it works. Provided that you are already making use of Android Pay, the good news is...