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Airpods VS Lightning Earpods

The battle of the pods has begun! There are many people on the internet who have taken up social media platforms to voice their opinions and state their allegiance. Who will be the winner? At one end we have the newest edition to Apple earphones the lightning pods that are super transportable and easy to use and on the other hand, we have our air pods which are familiar enough to be convenient. However, despite its benefits, lightening ear pods haven’t received the adoration that Apple hoped it would get. Some have criticized it while others are optimistic about its performance.

Just because a headphone jack has been removed, doesn’t mean its performance diminishes as well. While the headphones might take a little time to get used to, it’s a great way of going wireless and is a superb option for people like athletes and businessmen who are always on the go. Those who do not want to go wireless can easily hook up these lightning pods to their previous wired headphones, so they rage against the wireless air pods really isn’t warranted.

lightning earpodsMoreover, Apple also introduced a lightning-based pair of its ear pods in every iPhone box to make the lack of jack a little more acceptable to people. Humans are creatures of habit and it often takes a little time to accept new technologies. Once this initial shock diminishes more people will start looking at the lightning pods with admiration rather than askance.

One of the proponents in favor of the pods claimed that it makes the sound much better than ever before. It’s a far more powerful digital connector that’s in line with the future we are headed towards. Wired headphones are outdated and newer technology should now be embraced.

Another one claimed that these pods can make the Bluetooth work much better and the voice quality of calls through the air pods sounds much better than ever before. The Airpods also have a special chip studded inside called the W1 wireless chip. The apple software and this chip help the headphones become truly wireless. It also circumvents the Bluetooth setup that we all hate so much, hence making the usage so much easier. All you have to do to use the pods is open the phone case and directly pair them with the phone.

However, there are drawbacks as well. The upgrades in the Lightning Ear Pods are minimal and for other apple supported devices the sound apparatus works much better on previous Air pods. Despite this claim, many are saying that the Airpods sound better, so it could all be subjective rather than general facts. For people who work with audio, the lightning pods might not be the best option yet. In addition, both the headphones are fairly expensive considering that there are other better wireless options in the market that can deliver exceptional sound qualities.


There’s another drawback as well revolving around the aesthetics of the headphones. They look truly bad! Without the jack, they look incomplete or more like how apple’s first design should have been, not the latest version of the headphones. Many people have taken to social media to voice these concerns, some have even mocked and ridiculed the design, and however, despite their awful look, their functionality is exceptional. These Lightning pods have a five-hour battery life, they have an inbuilt microphone and they can easily be recharged using a simple lightening cable. With such ease of usability, many people can overlook the aesthetics if quality and performance are what you are truly after.

While the battle of the pods continues, it all boils down to preference really. The new lightning pods offer great agility and mobility along with an amped-up performance. However, for some people, the traditional headphones are more familiar and on the aesthetic side, better looking. Many people have publicly criticized the new design but these new air pods will undeniably make us move forward into the digital world and embrace the new life we will soon live in. With so many benefits to offer, these will not only be accepted but rather praised in the future with more performance enthusiasts opting for these new lightning pods than the old headphones.

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