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A Guide to Android Pay

The trend of NFC (near field communication) contactless payment system has been increasing for some time now with more and more stores being compatible with it. The all new free apps for android service that Android has launched, Android Pay. You no longer have to keep your wallet and credit/debit cards with you at all times. Let us walk you through the system in order to give you a better idea of how it works.


Provided that you are already making use of Android Pay, the good news is that it is not only compatible with the land based stores and outlets, but can also be utilized for the purpose of in-app purchases via the Google PlayStore. A huge range of applications already are compatible with Android Pay and provided that you would like to make a purchase in such applications, you won’t require your wallet or credit/debit card since you can directly make a purchase with the utilization of Android Pay. If an application presents a button to pay with Android Pay, it implies that the application is compatible. But that’s not all. With Android Pay, it just keeps on getting better. As a promotional incentive, if you choose to pay with Android Pay in such applications, you may as well get a small amount of discount.

While Android Pay is only available in a few major countries only, it has already been announced that it will arrive in Australia in the beginning of 2016 and a huge range of other countries are to be included in the service. Financial institutions like Westpac and ANZ as well as big merchants like McDonalds or even the small merchants like local business shop in Australia are collaborating with Google in order to bring the NFC (Near Field Communication) payment system at the disposal of their citizens.

It is of prime importance to mention here that any Android Phone running on a version lower than 4.4 is not going to be compatible with Android Pay. Furthermore, you need to ensure that your device comes with a built in NFC chip in order to make use of the service. Remember that a huge range of even newer devices running on Android lack when it comes to having an NFC chip which means you won’t be able to make use of this impeccable new service by Google if you are an unfortunate owner of such a device.

A common notion about NFC payments and the utilization of Android Pay is that only the major institutions and stores are going to be able to make use of it. However, it may be amusing for you to know that such payments can be made use of starting from the smaller outlets all the way to the bigger and well-established merchants. According to an estimate, at least one million stores in the United States are already making use of the NFC payments which may include and are not confined to Subway, Toys R Us, and whole foods. It is to be kept in mind however, that Walmart has still not stepped into the category as of now. However, it won’t be wrong to state that in the years to come, a huge range of stores are to be included in the category with an ever increasing interest in the NFC Payment systems.

The estimate of how huge this initiative is and how seriously is Google taking it can be made by considering the fact that all of the major banks, financial institutions, and credit cards including VISA, Discover, Master card, and American Express are compatible with Android Pay. Since Apple has already launched its almost identical service by the name of Apple Pay, most of the institutions are already making use of the NFC payments. Since the technology behind Android Pay is identical, all such institutions which have been working with Apple previously, are also going to collaborate with Google as well in the near future.

Last but not the least, it is crucial to mention here that Android Pay makes use of a state of the art security system that is also capable of sealing the device if it has been stolen in order to protect your cards from being used by the thieves. Tokenization ensures that a random account number is being utilized for processing your payments rather than your actual card number in order to make the utilization of the service absolutely safe and secure.

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